In-Game Rules

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  • No harassment
Don't harass people; no spamming mean comments, revealing personal information and so on.

  • No abusing bugs of any kind
Don't use bugs within plugins or Minecraft itself to your advantage e.g. duping.

  • No inappropriate skins, capes, or Minecraft usernames
Don't have inappropriate images on your skin, and nothing you can't say in chat in your name.

  • No ban or mute evading
If you've been banned or muted you can appeal, but don't evade your punishment. Evading a punishment can range from going on an alternate account to avoid the punishment or using signs to avoid a mute.

  • No hacking / using unapproved mods
List of approved mods:

  • No inappropriate builds or fly/lag machines
Includes things like building genitalia or swear words on a plot. Also includes abusing world edit to make lag machines (such as a plot of nether portals).

  • No use of macros or scripts
Includes things such as a /soup macro, an auto melon selling script, auto-clicker, or anything similar. Macros are allowed to avoid being AFK kicked.

  • Do not grief
Don't destroy or intentionally ruin someone else's build or steal from them.

  • No scamming
This means you can't scam, simple as that. If you agree to a deal and one person fulfills their end, you have to fulfill yours.


  • No excessive use of caps
Using caps for more than 4 words in a row or 15 characters is considered excessive.

  • No spamming
The following constitutes as spam;
- 3+ identical or very similar messages in a short burst of time
- 5+ identical or very similar messages over a longer period of time
- 10+ of the same character, or just jibberish e.g. "oooooooooooooooooo" or "dhjgfhvghshfsdhv"
Note: Any hacked client spam is considered a 30d ban for having a client, and not a mute.

  • No swearing/cursing
Rather self-explanatory. Don't bypass the filter.

  • No being disrespectful
Self-explanatory again. Just don't be mean or disrespectful. This includes any discriminatory language such as the n-word. Directly insulting a player, particularly excessively.

  • No advertising
Light advertising is:

- Asking players to join a competing server such as ******* via mentioning the server’s name in general conversation. This excludes servers like Mineplex and Hypixel, as they are not competitors and are of a level of notoriety that means they don't need advertising.

Advertising is:

- Trying to recruit players to a competing server by giving out the IP.
- Any short link or link that doesn't go to a trusted website (YouTube, Instagram etc) - biturls for example. These may be IP grabbers, so don't click them!

  • No asking staff for items / free things
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