In-Game Rules

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  • No harassment
Don't harass people; no spamming mean comments, revealing personal information and so on.

  • No abusing bugs of any kind
Don't use bugs within plugins or Minecraft itself to your advantage e.g. duping.

  • No inappropriate skins, capes, or Minecraft usernames
Don't have inappropriate images on your skin, and nothing you can't say in chat in your name.

  • No ban or mute evading
If you've been banned or muted you can appeal, but don't evade your punishment. Evading a punishment can range from going on an alternate account to avoid the punishment or using signs to avoid a mute.

  • No hacking / using unapproved mods
List of approved mods: Approved Mods

  • No inappropriate builds or fly/lag machines
Includes things like building genitalia or swear words on a plot. Also includes abusing world edit to make lag machines (such as a plot of nether portals).

  • No use of macros or scripts
Includes things such as an auto wheat selling script, auto-clicker, or anything similar.

  • Do not grief
Don't destroy or intentionally ruin someone else's build or steal from them. This also includes building death traps or building right next to somebody else's claim without their permission.

  • No scamming
This means you can't scam, simple as that. If you agree to a deal and one person fulfills their end, you have to fulfill yours.


  • No excessive use of caps
Don't spam caps like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" mostly self-explanatory, chat filter should negate any caps usually.
  • No spamming
Again, self-explanatory, don't go around spamming by excessively typing gibberish or "go to /pw warp 247profit for best profit shop!"
  • No bypassing the chat filter
Rather self-explanatory. Don't bypass the filter. This includes swearing and speaking in another language than English or using special characters.

  • No being disrespectful
Self-explanatory again. Just don't be mean or disrespectful. This includes any discriminatory language such as the n-word. Directly insulting a player, particularly excessively.

  • No advertising
Light advertising is:

- Asking players to join a competing server such as Skycade via mentioning the server’s name in general conversation. This excludes servers like Mineplex and Hypixel, as they are not competitors and are of a level of notoriety that means they don't need advertising.

Advertising is:

- Trying to recruit players to a competing server by giving out the IP, discord link, website, etc.


  • No intentionally killing players in non-PVP areas
Mostly applies to prison, do not mine blocks under players with the intent to kill.

If you think a staff member is abusing their abilities feel free to report them to a higher staff member.
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