How to: Link Forums to Discord

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This is a guide on how to link our forums account to your discord. This enables that your minecraft rank on the server corresponds to both the forum and the discord automatically. You will not receive any support for your rank on discord if your accounts are not linked!

I hope you enjoy the doodles

Step 1: Click your username in the top right corner. Then click on Connected accounts.
Step 2: Click the Associate with Discord button.step2.PNG
Step 3: Authorize the Rank Bot to access your username, avatar, and email. The bot will not be given any other information of yours.step3.PNG
Step 4: Enter your forums password to confirm the account link!
Step 5: You're done! No really, that's all it is. If you have any questions contact me on discord, I THINK you can find it somewhere on this of these images has to have it...


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