Discord Rules

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  • General Rudeness
Don't be intentionally rude to another person, this includes the use of emotes and or reactions. This also applies to discrimination or racism.
  • Arguing is Discouraged
Try not to pick a fight with someone, like whose a better president, Obama or Trump. Don't intentionally go around starting drama.
  • No advertising
Trying to recruit players to a competing server by giving out the IP, discord link, website, etc.
  • No use of voice changers.
This is pretty self-explanatory, don't use voice changers or other means to annoy or hurt other members.
  • Do not constantly tag staff or other people you're not in conversation with.
Really self-explanatory, don't go around tagging admins or mods if you need help with something.
  • English is strongly encouraged
You may speak your own language at a minimum but English is strongly encouraged for all our staff can make sure you're following the rules.

You can join our discord here: Crafters Island
If you think a staff member is abusing their abilities feel free to report them to a higher staff member.
Not open for further replies.
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