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My IGN: desslie
Punished by: TheMonDon
Reason: prank/joke that got out hand (basically a misunderstanding from all points of views and me being my stupidself that overdid the prank and just got myself banned ;p)
Date of punishment: Today (06/04/2019)
Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: I understood why my actions were wrong and that I should have come clean to @iWolfei after I initially contacted her if I can do the buycraft icons, but I, being my 'funny' self, decided to carry on the so what I called 'joke' (I have now realised that either way it wasn't really the funniest of things you could do as a prank). I then tried proving that I indeed can do things that I said I can so i sent screenschots in main discord chat. I specifically did mistakes and got clumsy so it looked fake and then at one point I said that I was just joking and tried to apologise in chat but noone wanted to accept my apology which I guess is fine but I dont think I should have gotten banned for that, since I didn't do any damage.
Screenshot of punishment: n/a


Staff member
So, it's not the fact of you didn't do any damage to the server, you could have. You was asking for $50 or a buycraft rank which to me seems like you only confessed because you got caught. You said to me whilst in the server 'i might be getting a job on thr server but not as staff as doing graphics for the server'.

If it was up to me you wouldn't be unbanned and would have to stick out your punishment for at least 2 weeks to a month but the punishment is completely up to mon as it stands currently its a permanent ban and i feel like this may be denied due to the nature of the ban.
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