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    Discord Rules

    General Rudeness Don't be intentionally rude to another person, this includes the use of emotes and or reactions. This also applies to discrimination or racism. Arguing is Discouraged Try not to pick a fight with someone, like whose a better president, Obama or Trump. Don't intentionally go...
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    In-Game Rules

    Bans No harassment Don't harass people; no spamming mean comments, revealing personal information and so on. No abusing bugs of any kind Don't use bugs within plugins or Minecraft itself to your advantage e.g. duping. No inappropriate skins, capes, or Minecraft usernames Don't have...
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    Approved Mods

    List of Approved Mods on Crafters Island Please remember that using mods or macros that provide an in-game advantage to players is not allowed, even if it falls into the allowed category. Categories of Approved Mods: Client Performance Mods (e.g. FPS Improvement Mods) Aesthetic Mods (e.g...
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