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  1. John

    Discord Rules

    General Rudeness Don't be intentionally rude to another person, this includes the use of emotes and or reactions. This also applies to discrimination or racism. Arguing is Discouraged Try not to pick a fight with someone, like whose a better president, Obama or Trump. Don't intentionally go...
  2. John

    Song of The Week: April 21, 2019

    Song Of The Week Week: April 21, 2019 Song: Fell In A Well - Songwriter X and the Skeleton band YouTube URL:
  3. John

    Welcome to the forums Cristal!

    Welcome to the forums Cristal!
  4. John

    In-Game Rules

    Bans No harassment Don't harass people; no spamming mean comments, revealing personal information and so on. No abusing bugs of any kind Don't use bugs within plugins or Minecraft itself to your advantage e.g. duping. No inappropriate skins, capes, or Minecraft usernames Don't have...
  5. John

    Approved Mods

    List of Approved Mods on Crafters Island Please remember that using mods or macros that provide an in-game advantage to players is not allowed, even if it falls into the allowed category. Categories of Approved Mods: Client Performance Mods (e.g. FPS Improvement Mods) Aesthetic Mods (e.g...
  6. John

    Hello there!

    Welcome to the server; enjoy youe stay
  7. John

    Staff and Builder Application

    Hello everyone! We have moved staff and builder applications into a google form as this is more "secure" and "private" for our players applying for either position! If you've been denied in the past feel free to try to apply again as no previous history has been kept. Staff app...
  8. John

    is playing

    is playing
  9. John

    Song Of The Week: January 13, 2019

    Thats definately interesting, find it kinda weird but it not a bad song
  10. John

    Song Of The Week: January 13, 2019

    Song Of The Week Week: January 13, 2019 Song: Crush - Tessa Violet YouTube URL:
  11. John

    How to: Link Forums to Discord

    This is a guide on how to link our forums account to your discord. This enables that your minecraft rank on the server corresponds to both the forum and the discord automatically. You will not receive any support for your rank on discord if your accounts are not linked! I hope you enjoy the...
  12. John


    Hello everyone, my name is John and I'm the owner of Crafters-Island. I'm not really sure what I planned to say here, but I am currently 19 and my name is John, most people know this though. I enjoy running the server and bringing people together in some form of a meaningful way. Thanks for...
  13. John

    Hello I am WariorShark

    Hello wariorshark, welcome to crafters-island.
  14. John

    Application Layout Proposition

    Accepted and locked.